I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know of the positive impression that the person that Mitchell recently heard speak at school about nutrition has had. For example, after a long battle to try and get the boys to eat an alternative to white bread, Mitchell came home from school that day and told me how unhealthy white bread is and that I needed to buy multigrain bread instead. Next he told both Michael and I just how unhealthy Coke is due to the amount of sugar that is in this drink (17 teaspoons Mum!). While this is a battle I have won in our household we were more than happy to listen to him speak with such authority on what is healthy and what is not. He has critiqued many items in the pantry now. Obviously, this speaker made a very positive impression. Thanks for yet another wonderful initiative. Have a great term, PS. I'm just thinking...if only he could have spoken to the boys about not discarding dirty clothes to the floor...maybe next time?
V Lockett


FITKIDS Australia offered our school an innovative and fun program for our year 1’s and 3’s for 10 weeks. Students took part in a rotation of different activities each week under the supervision of trainer instructors. The enthusiasm of the trainers was contagious as the student s were continually active for the entire hour. They looked forward to their involvement each week and continually asked “Is it FITKIDS day today?”. I would recommend this program to be an integral part of a schools PE curriculum.
J Taylor, HPE
First of all I would like to say thank you for an unbelievable 2 hrs from the staff/kids at Harbord Vacation Care and the Warringah Council. Matt (not sure of his last name - but from England) was exceptional with the 30 kids we had at the centre. He encouraged all the kids, and made being active fun without them even realising it. I am a PE teacher and very sceptical/critical of others teaching physical activity - but the smiles, fun and feedback we got from the kids was great. Please pass on a BIG thank you from everyone.
Testimonial - Ian Wood
Thank-you for your time and effort this term in providing an excellent activity for the students at OLC. Your company's professional, reliable approach and the quality of your instructors are very much appreciated.
Testimonial - Jim King - Our Lady's College
Hi FITKIDS  I witnessed your presentation today with my Labrador State School PCYC class - and was very inspired! I run a fitness program within the school called BBC - bodies, brains, confidence - every Friday morning in the school hall from 7:45 onwards. I would be very interested in getting your input into our program either through a presentation by yourself to inform/inspire the kids (and adults) or simply just by getting a copy of your posters/slides to put up around the school. 
Testimonial - Omen Facto - Labrador State School
"Fitkids Program has allowed our children to be involved in an excellent healthy lifestyle activity which are reflected in their academic and social behaviours at our school."  
Testimonial - Margaret James


Dear Ranvier and Matt: Thanks for teaching us how to be fit and healthy. What I’ve learnt was: there is a lot of sugar in the softdrinks and juice you buy from the store. I also remember the whiter you’re bread, the sooner you’re dead.  What I will do at home is try to drink 8 glasses of water each day and tell my mum not to drink too much coffee or softdrink. What I have already changed is my lunch snacks.


Like to say a huge thanks to the Fit Kids team for a great year of fun and fitness in 2010. We would love to book your organisation for 2011. The children have specifically requested that we have Rick Eaton return to us this semester. As we have been part of the Active After School program for many years, we have found few deliverers that motivate and captivate the children like your trainers
Testimonial - Slacks Creek
Dear FITKIDS I see you are not standing still but enlarging your offerings yet again. I find the things that sets your company apart is: 1. Your staff provide a consistently good product 2. Your staff all have the same set of instructions for the children this makes sessions stress free 3. I know exactly what is going to happen each week fantastic I also like the fact that if we have both activities with you in a term we end up with a bit of money for equipment Please feel free to use this email in any way you wish as endorsement or, if you would rather, I am happy to say the same to any group that you would like to get to ring me. Tony L ( -;
Testimonial - Our Lady Help of Christians
”This year, we have really enjoyed being part of the Fitkids network. Every Monday, students from Prep to Year 5 have stayed after school to take part in a range of fitness activities. Trainers with the programme have taken them through gross motor, cardiovascular and strength training, tailored to meet their appropriate stage of physical development and each session is well organised. The Fit Kids programme ties in with our efforts as a college, to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle. By using college facilities, students are able to take part in a beneficial, after school activity with minimal demand on parents. Feed back from parents and students has been positive. I look forward to continuing our contact with Steven and to being part of Fitkids in the future.” - Allison Robinson  
Testimonial - AB Paterson College 2005