• Children through to the Elderly


What are the benefits a healthy lifestyle

  • Fitness [strength training, cardio, flexibility]
  • Good nutrition 
  • Healthy mental state
  • Adequate Sleep


1. Increase lean body mass & avoid muscle loss
• From the age of 20, as we age muscle size decreases by approx 1 pound per year ( even if you are performing regular cardiovascular exercise)
• The only way to stop that loss and actually increase lean muscle mass is strength training.
• The more lean muscle you have, the more energy you will burn while resting (70% of daily energy expenditure) and while exercising.
• The more energy you burn, the more fat you lose.
• The more fat you lose, the less fat you have.
• The less fat you have, the better you will look & the healthier you will be.

2. Increase fat loss
The health problems directly associated with excess body fat are:
• Type 2 diabetes
• Hypertension
• Cardiovascular diseases ( leading cause of death in the first world)
• Back and Joint pain and injury.
• Cancer
• Pulmonary disease and sleep disorders
• Menstrual irregularities, infertility and erectile problems
• Gallstones
• Premature death/ Premature aging
• Reduced agility and increased risk of accidents and falls
• Skin disorders
• Pregnancy risks ( difficult delivery, ↑ birth defects, ↑ need for anaesthesia
• Very low energy levels
• Low self esteem and confidence.

3. Increase Metabolic Rate
• BMR = 70% of our daily energy expenditure
• ↑ BMR helps to create a positive energy balance. ENERGY IN ◄OUT
• After a progressive weight training session, metabolism increases for up to 48hours.
• A faster metabolism means faster fat burning and less chance of getting fat.

4. Decrease Osteoporosis
• 1 in 3 women and one in eight men will suffer from osteoporosis (projected to become 1 in 2 within the next ten years)
• Osteoporosis takes up more hospital beds in AUS than any other health deficiency.
• Strength training is the ONLY interaction PROVEN to increase bone mineral density.

5. Decrease Type 2 Diabetes
• Increased glucose uptake by cells. And decreased blood glucose levels.
• Type 2 Diabetes is directly related to obesity.
• One of the top 5 health related killers in the world today.

6. Decrease High Blood Pressure
• ↓ adipose tissue, ↓ peripheral capillaries, ↓ resistance, ↓ Blood pressure.
• Stronger muscles, less effort needed to perform daily activities, heart doesn’t have to work as hard.

7. Stronger Immune System
• Less chance of getting sick
• Faster immune response when attacked by virus.
• Better elimination of toxins.
• Increased resorption of essential nutrients.
• Better skin appearance.

8. Improve Posture
• Immediately improves physical appearance.
• Increases Lung function.
• Less stress on body structures, less postural deviations.
• Better nerve conduction and communication between body systems.

9. Increase Energy, Vitality and Quality of Life
• Muscles are like the engine of a car, if kept in good condition they can be driven regularly and vigorously without breaking down.
• Strong muscles, ↓effort and energy is needed to perform daily tasks and increased ability to handle extra activity. This means you will have more energy to keep you bouncing through the day.
• Better glucose uptake means lower blood glucose fluctuations, decreased fatigue and need for sugar and caffeine boosts.
• Having fun, working out and improving your health makes you feel a million dollars.

10. Decrease High Cholesterol
• Strength training increases HDL levels ( good cholesterol)
• Decreases LDL levels (bad cholesterol)

11. Increased Cardiovascular Health
• One in two men and 1 in 3 women over 40 will have a heart attack in the future.
• Strength training ( & healthy diet) ↓ risk of coronary heart disease. ↑ Heart strength.
• Increase peripheral circulation means more O2 to the brain and extremities.
• The fitter you are the more your body uses fat as it’s preferred energy source (fitter people burn fat faster, lose weight quicker, have more energy)

12. Increase Mental Health
• ↓ Stress levels, Anxiety, Depression.
• ↑Wellbeing, Self Image/ Esteem, Sleep Patterns.
• ↑ Motivation, plus you will have a great time.

13. Increased Functional Strength
• If the muscles are progressively overloaded their functional strength will be directly enhanced.
• Everyday activities such as walking up stairs, playing with the kids, carrying groceries will become far easier.

14. Decreased Risk of Injury and Falls
• ↑ strength, stability, agility and balance means less chance of debilitating falls, injuries and muscle strains and pulls.
• People injuring themselves while trying to get fit costs the nation 10’s of millions of dollars each year. MY TIME PERSONAL TRAINING teaches the safest techniques to ensure there is NO chance of injury.

15. ↑ Gastrointestinal Health
• Improves peristaltic function.
• ↓ Risk of gall stones.
• ↓ Stress increases absorption of nutrients.
• Strong abdominals provide support to GI tract during defecation

16. ↓ Risk of Cancer
• Increased immune function means increased elimination of toxic waste.
• Healthy diet increases gastrointestinal health, improved elimination.
• Obesity is associated with increased risks of Bowel cancer, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, kidney cancer and lung cancer to mention a few.

17. Decreased Arthritis and Rheumatism
• Stronger muscles, ↓ stress on joints, ↓ chance of degeneration.
• Arthritis and rheumatism are painful and debilitating.
• ↑ Lymph flow, circulation and nerve conduction mean the more efficient removal of metabolic waste from the joints!

18. Improved Motivation and Willingness to Eat Healthier
• ↑pride in personal appearance and ↑self esteem mean you will be less likely to want to consume the foods that will adversely affect your health.
• When you begin to see results it really starts motivating you to be the best you can be.

19. Increased Independence Among the Elderly
• For men and women between the ages of 65 and 69. 46% of their remaining years will be spent dependant on others!!!!
• This is not just a part of getting older and is 100% avoidable. It is caused by inactivity and poor diet.
• Research is showing increases in strength with the elderly comparable to that of their younger counterparts!!!!!

20. Decreased Insomnia
• Better sleep, means more energy, less stress and better appearance of skin, hair and nails.

21. Maintenance of Nerve Health
• Stronger core stabilisers, better posture and less chance of falls helps maintain the integrity of the spinal chord and allows for strong nerve conduction and less wear and tear on the vertebrae.
• Not to mention ↓ risk of osteoporosis of the vertebrae!!!

Pretty impressive huh

So what are the specific benefits for children who follow this healthy lifestyle?

• Healthy growth and development
• Improved psychological health and the beginnings of a positive body image.
• Strong bones and muscles.
• Improved balance and gross motor skills.
• Development and maintenance of flexibility.
• Maintenance of a healthy weight.
• Cardiovascular fitness and a healthy heart.
• Improved ability to relax.
• Improved posture.
• Enhanced ability to interact in groups and maintain friendships
• Improved self-esteem and self confidence
• Reduced anxiety and depression
• Enhanced coping mechanisms for dealing with stress and disappointment
• Changed perception of risk
• Enhanced bone mineral density
• Improved immune system
• Prevention of degenerative diseases
• Improved respiratory function and increase oxygen delivery to cells
• Improved blood circulation, blood cholesterol levels and lipid profiles
• Increased energy and willingness to exercise
• Decreased risk of diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, colon cancer.
• Improved concentration, mood, and ability to perform mental tasks, leading to a possible improvement in academic achievement.

Lets get healthy Australia!